Esthetic & Stainless Steel Crowns


Dental Crowns are important. Baby (primary) teeth are placeholders for the adult teeth, ensuring the adult teeth fit and grow in where they belong. When a primary tooth is decayed or damaged, it may be necessary to put a crown on the tooth to keep it in place until the adult tooth comes through. Depending on the location of the tooth, two types of crowns are available:

  • Stainless steel. The back teeth need extra protection from chewing. Stainless steel crowns are stronger than tooth-colored crowns and normally last until the teeth naturally fall out.
  • Esthetic. For most children, the front teeth and back teeth can be covered with a tooth-colored crown. Use of EZ-PEDO crowns
  1.     EZ Pedo crowns are made from high grade monolithic zirconia ceramic. They look like the real thing and are 9 times stronger than natural teeth. Our crowns offer the highest esthetics to satisfy the most demanding parents. Dental crowns are used to restore the functionality of damaged teeth. They can be used to protect a cracked tooth, restore a tooth that has excessive decay, and to provide strength and protection against breakage. In situations where the dental filling is more than 30% it is best to support the tooth with a dental crown. A crown will cover your child’s tooth and restore it to its natural form, function, and strength. In addition to helping to protect teeth, dental crowns preserve the esthetics of your child’s smile.


Taking great care of your child’s teeth now will give them the best chance for healthy adult teeth. All Kids Dentistry can help you protect your child’s bright smile.